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We Are Pop Up permette a marchi e spazi commerciali di unire le forze in una collaborazione che è reciprocamente vantaggiosa. Questa nuova forma di pop-up permette di affittare uno spazio all’interno di un negozio, o l’intero spazio. E’ nuovo modo di approcciare il commercio che permette ai negozi di ottenere nuovi prodotti senza pagare, […]

Daniel Peters

My products have started to sell really well online and now I dream of having a place to showcase them in real life. How do I transition my brand from the website to a physical retail space? The great thing about opening a pop up shop is that you can test your product, measure its success and learn from the […]


Space listings with the best visuals get the most interest and more importantly, the most bookings. Take a look below at our Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to taking photographs for your all-important space page.   DO show the exterior shopfront by taking a photo from the other side of the street. It’s important […]


I am passionate about food and meeting new people and really want to start my own pop up supper club. What are the main things I need to think about when I organise my event? Supper clubs are a great way of bringing together communities of food lovers who share similar passions and interests, encouraging them to try […]


I’m really interested in starting my own pop up, but I’m not sure how I should approach the press about my project. I know it’s important to create a buzz with journalists, but I don’t know where to begin! Can you help? Contacting the press is a sure way to get your shop covered in the news, but getting […]


I have found a space for my pop up but heard that card machines and tills are really expensive, can you tell me the best way of keeping costs to a minimum? The traditional method of taking card payments was a complicated and expensive process. It involved obtaining a new merchant account and seemingly endless negotiation back and forth […]

Carousel, London: unforgettable adventures in flavour

I have an idea for a food pop up but I’m not sure about the certifications I might need to trade with food, can you help? It all starts with the space you choose to pop up into. There are 3 main things to consider. Firstly, In order to be a legal food vendor, you […]

The Dandy Lab, December 2014

I’ve just booked a space for my pop up in an area I’ve never traded in before, can you advise on the best way to reach my new customers about my launch? Many of the landlords and ShopShare owners on We Are Pop Up are already very networked and part of a great community in […]


We love to hear about new ventures and passionate people trying out their concepts with We Are Pop Up. The Porridge Cafe was a bold new entry to the smorgasbord of pop up eateries in Shoreditch. A one of a kind cafe with a passion for great ingredients, delivering high quality and interesting nourishment every day. We spoke to Elly, […]

We Are Pop Up is the world’s largest destination for short term retail. We connect brands and spaces directly, with no agents in the middle, and no paperwork. The only peer-to-peer marketplace of retail space, our fast, flexible and open platform helps you find and book your perfect space in minutes, rather than weeks. Our fast, flexible and […]