WAPU teams up with Modalyst to bring you dropshipping magic

You’ve popped up in the heart of Manhattan. Then load out day comes, and now what? You’ve gotten your press, made bunch of sales, engaged your community, gotten lots of social media love and pretty pictures. So what’s next? Through our partnership with Modalyst, turnkey dropshipping!

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to complement the brick and mortar experience and help you maintain sales when your store is closed. Not only will dropshipping offer you a way to sell off your excess inventory but it will help you widen your customer base by teaming up with e-commerce sites to market your brand. But after an exhausting pop up, who has the energy to start reaching out to e-commerce sites and pitch their collection?

Enter Modalyst. Founded in 2012, this B2B marketplace saw such an increase in dropshipping requests they recently released new technology that allow online stores to easily add brands to their sites. As a brand you can bulk upload your collection and immediately make it available to thousands of online stores. With the Modalyst Shopify app, retailers can add your collection to their store in one click. It’s so easy that more than 90% of Modalyst brands have been picked up by e-commerce sites all over the world. Currently their marketplace consists of close 10,000 stores and nearly 700 brands that are members of the community.

dropshipping modalyst we are pop up

Dropshipping with Modalyst is an effective way to increase your distribution without having to hire a sales team. Similar to a pop up where brands benefit from the established customer base, staff and POS of the retail location, members of Modalyst have access to thousands of retailers and a backend tool to manage and organize all orders. In fact, much of the process is automated so one can easily manage hundreds of retailer relationships, keep buyers updated on new products and stock levels, plus process orders in seconds. For example, when an online order is placed for one of your products, the retailer will pay you directly and you will automatically receive all info needed including the customer’s shipping address.

After effectively capturing your local audience and building customer engagement through your pop up, dropshipping will help create a seasonless selling and marketing opportunity. As part of our partnership, Modalyst is offering WAPU brands a discount on the membership, so mention WAPU in your sign up to learn more! Get started with your free trial on Modalyst here.


Creative retail is now more important than the Internet

On Monday, We Are Pop Up Managing Director Greg Spielberg penned a guest post for WPP-owned global branding agency Brand Union. In his story, Greg revisits a 1996 Harvard Business Review roundtable highlighting the promise of a new innovation: The Internet. As we enter 2016, the 20th anniversary of the HBR roundtable, Spielberg writes that creative retail replaces the Internet as the most interactive form of brand marketing. He points to retail projects from Kiva to Glade, TicTail to Kit & Ace, Refinery 29 to Microsoft.

“Creative retail strategies architect memorable experiences that help consumers understand the world around them and generate product sales. They create stories in real life that allow consumers to participate as actual “people” rather than users, viewers, readers or listeners. There are two primary types of creative retail executions: 1) Nonfiction, or community-based and 2) Fiction, or imagination-based.” Read the full story at Brand Union.

We Are Pop Up chats with Of Mercer, ModaBox, Snowe Home and IMBY at Social Retail Summit

In January, we moderated the Social Retail Summit in New York. A quick recap of what we learned from #bosses Of Mercer Founder Emelyn Northway, ModaBox Founder Monica Phromsavanh, SNOWE Founder Rachel Cohen and IMBY Founder Sara Weinreb.
of-mercer-we-are-pop-upOf Mercer
Of Mercer started as an e-commerce destination for women where you can show off at work and at play. Within two years, the Wharton grads decided to open a brick and mortar in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. And, instead of filling the entire space with nothing but products, Of Mercer saved space for communal work desks, a place to drink wine, coffee and host events. The result is a blossoming community with high-profile guests and WOM out the wazoo. Check out Of Mercer.


What do you do when you’ve built a multimillion-dollar business? Shut down the store, of course! That’s what Monica Phromsavanh did with her 4,000 square-foot store ModaListas in 2014. Phromsavanh saw a brighter future in personal styling and a small footprint, so she launched the 400 sq-ft ModaBox at South Street Seaport. Not just a shop, ModaBox is the flagship for a personal styling network that connects buyers with professional fashionistas. Outfits are shipped directly to your home, and if you need to, you can head to the shop. Go see ModaBox.


SNOWE Founder Rachel Cohen is incredibly selective in where, and when, she pops up. SNOWE’s collaborations with Cuyana and Pop Up Flea keep the e-commerce brand’s image as pure as the driven …. . Cohen’s in no rush to take the beloved curator of home goods and decor offline. She’s perfecting her merchandising and shipping strategy, but we can’t wait until we see her curation IRL. Go snowhome.


We first met Sara Weinreb when IMBY popped up at the Refinery Hotel through We Are Pop Up earlier this year. IMBY’s cut from a different cloth, curating capsule collections of Made-in-America designers. Except instead of the lumberjack vibe, IMBY’s brands toe the line between athleisure and cocktail fashion. Check out the IMBY collection and visit them on We Are Pop Up.


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Food entrepreneurs, pop up at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg and reach 2,000 for just $50 per day

We Are Pop Up is teaming up with Artists & Fleas to offer foodie entrepreneurs an incredible pop up opportunity. Sunday, Feb 28, showcase your delicious creations at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg. This event is a unique opportunity for your brand to promote your treats to Artist & Fleas’ extensive shopper base and expand your network of fellow snack entrepreneurs! The Brooklyn market attracts more than 2,000 hungry visitors each weekend. You can also book Saturday Feb 27 to take part in the classic Artists & Fleas. Book Snack to the Future. Book Artists & Fleas Food Booth for weekend days outside of the 27th. Public hours are 10am to 7pm. 

Snack to the Future opportunity and prizes
Participants will set up a booth at Artists & Fleas where they can sell their snacks for one or two days that weekend. During the event market shoppers will follow a “snack trail” through the market and sample a wide selection of nibbles and bites along the way before voting for their favorites. Based on these votes, one lucky vendor will receive the Snack to the Future prize, a free-selling day at the Artists & Fleas Brooklyn market (a $125 value) that can be used for any weekend date prior to May 1st, 2016.

Here’s what you need to pop up as a food entrepreneur at Artists & Fleas
1. A scanned jpg or pdf copy of DoH food handler’s permit/Food Protection Certificate.
2. A scanned copy or letter from the production facility where you operate.
3. A Temporary Mobile Food Vending Permit from the Dept of Consumer Affairs – only if you’d like to pop up outside. You don’t need this if you’re inside :).

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We Are Pop Up x Reed Space are ShopSharing in NYC

Since 2002, Reed Space has pioneered the concept store idea that staff should be more than stockists. Instead, Reed Space’s team are curators who express their tastes through the styles they put on the floor. The result is a retail and design empire that’s led to collaborations with everyone from John Mayer to Shepard Fairey, HBO and PacSun. In-store and online, Reed Space curates hundreds of brands – like Native Shoes, Stussy, Moon Collective, and, of course, Founder Jeff Staple’s Staple Pigeon.



Starting this month, you can now join Reed Space for a day, a week, a month. We Are Pop Up and Reed Space are collaborating to provide ShopShare opportunities to brands in NYC and beyond. Not only is there space for your fresh designs and product launches, but Reed Space’s Gallery Wall is a home for art and photography too. Check out the Reed Space and share a shop with the team that invented Lower East Side creative culture. Pop Up Listing + Gallery Listing.








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The Weekly Round-Up



This February 14th, relax, reconnect and free your Shakti energy – Secret Yoga Club presents Wild Woman Valentines Day at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green.


VW and i-D follow DJ, producer and NTS radio presenter Nabihah Iqbal, aka Throwing Shade, as she explores the opportunities and burgeoning cultural scenes of Lisbon and Leipzig. Watch it online on i-D.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.58.45

A We Are Pop Up favourite, technicolour knitwear designer Katie Jones is one of Selfridges’ Bright New Things, a collection of emerging London labels making a difference with their work. Shop the exclusive collection in-store or online.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.57.23

This beautiful interactive recipe collection designed by Elespacio takes you around the world in 12 dishes – a feast for your eyes as well as your tastebuds.



A new monthly vinyl mix series, ‘Home Listening’ is created by a group of friends who spend all their money on vinyl.


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The CX Premiere at Bryant Park Hotel presented by North Highland and Fortune mag

Tuesday night, we’re joining leaders from Spotify, Dow Jones and J.D. Power for a conversation about customer experience. The CX Premiere is presented by North Highland and Fortune mag. CX panelists from We Are Pop Up, Spotify, Dow Jones and J.D. Power will share stories, best practices and predictions. Following the discussion and Q&A in the Bryant Park Hotel screening room, there will be drinks, appetizers and a chance to meet senior leaders from across the city. Want an invite? shoot us an email at gregs@wearepopup.com

Featured Panelists:

  • Spotify: Jeff Rossi – Global Director of Business Marketing
  • We Are Pop Up: Greg Spielberg – Managing Director
  • Dow Jones: Nick Varney – VP Customer Experience and Design Transformation
  • J.D. Power: Rocky Clancy – VP Financial Services
  • North Highland: Alex Bombeck – Global Customer Experience Lead

The Details:
Bryant Park Hotel, 40 W 40th St.
Tuesday February 2nd 2016

Creating a brand profile boosts your business on We Are Pop Up

Your brand profile is like an elevator pitch – a compelling introduction to grab someone’s attention, make them want to find out more and ultimately do business with you. The more engaging your profile, the more space owners and brands are likely to get in contact. So, with the right details and images in place, you’ll receive more messages and offers, meaning more contacts, collaborators and bookings for your brand.

Chhipa annotated

Did you know that We Are Pop Up is the only platform where spaces can approach brands and not just the other way around? Concept stores all over London, NYC and beyond are using We Are Pop Up to source up-and-coming brands like you – 1 in 3 conversations on the website are initiated by space owners. Lauren Lewis, founder of Glassworks Studios in Shoreditch and Dalston, tells us that:

“We use the We Are Pop Up platform to find new brands to partner with in our London stores. It is simple to use and has introduced us to great brand partners.”

By creating a brand profile, you can be discovered and stock your products in retail destinations all around the world.

Communicate your concept

The description forms the central part of your profile. We often hear from new brands that it’s not that easy to describe yourself – you know what you’re all about, but sometimes it’s difficult to put that into words. It’s important to describe your brand well to convey your concept and prove your credibility to other users. We Are Pop Up is a network built on on trust and transparent communication, so establishing a clear voice on your profile is key to starting up conversations.

Here are some things to consider as you write your brand description:

  • What is the story behind your brand?
  • What are your main aims and ethos?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • What keys words would you use to describe your products?
  • Credentials. Have you done any previous pop-ups or worked with any other spaces/brands?
  • What is the nature of your pop-up concept?
  • What collaborations would you be interested in, if any?

Make it your own

Take a look at the following examples of how you can make the most of your profile as creative business tool and get inspired by brands who are doing it right:

Cover photo

Think of your cover photo like a mood board – what gives the best feel for your brand? This is the image that will appear on the brand search pages, so make sure it’s bold and representative of your company.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 17.38.41


Add photos to your profile to tell your brand story visually. Include a range of product shots, lookbook images, key branding examples and photos of previous pop-ups. Ensure all images are high-res to keep your profile crisp, clean and colourful.
Screenshot 2016-01-22 11.25.11

Social media

Link up your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles to include a feed of your social media activity and reach. This will refresh constantly to show spaces and brands what you are up to in real time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.21.34



As an added bonus, we feature one of our favourite new brands daily on our social media channels and in our newsletter to a network of over 50,000 people. Good reason in itself to get started on creating your beautiful brand profile.

We’re on hand to help you every step of the way so if you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Otherwise, you’re all set to get started right away here. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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The Weekly Round-Up

From chocolate to chickpeas, here’s the Round-Up of what’s been on our minds at We Are Pop Up HQ this week.



The egg that divided the office. Online tickets sold out in one hour, but check out the Crème de la Creme Egg Cafe Facebook event for details and see what’s on the menu [insert egg pun here].


From Instagram profiles to Etsy shops and high street storefronts, modern calligraphy and decorative lettering have taken the creative world by storm. East London studio Lamplighter London organise workshops for beginners – where do we sign up?


Screenshot 2016-01-22 14.20.32

One of our Pop Up Predictions for 2016 was that the high street will become a hotbed of inter-brand mashups and remixes. Over 224 pages, Art + Fashion: The Ultimate Collaborations explores what happens when the two collide. The author, fashion historian E.P. Cutler, tells AnOther her five favourites from the book.



Get inspired to do what you love. Grace & Thorn founder Nik Southern talks to The Lifestyle Edit about moving from a hated job in IT recruitment to running one of London’s coolest florists. (And check out her new monthly column as The Agony Plant for AnOther.)



With half of London coughing and sneezing their way through January and the other half powering on with their alcohol-free and diet-rich resolutions, HQ has been exchanging healthy recipes in the office. This chickpea and pumpkin curry from The Detox Kitchen hits the nail on the head.

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The Weekly Round-Up

Real-life heroes and short film showings,  badass coffee drinkers and enormous elephants. Here’s our Friday Round-Up for the second week of January.




Cat videos, filmmaker retrospectives and award-winning dramas at the London Short Film Festival. You’ve got until 17th January to catch the cutting-edge collection of some of the freshest newcomers in the industry, as well as panel discussions and events during the UK’s leading platform for short films. See the full event schedule here.



The only way to drink coffee.



30 dazzling light installations over 4 days. Lumiere London will illuminate the city from 14th to 17th January, including a floating goldfish above Piccadilly, neon dogs near Trafalgar Square and an enormous projected elephant stomping down Regent Street. Don’t miss a thing.



The New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2016. Biting wind and intermittent, miserable rain have got us yearning for climes less grey – this multimedia travel feature covers everything from temple mini-cities in Tamil Nadu to the stunningly scenic Road of the Seven Lakes. Your 2016 wanderlust list starts here.



Anything you like. The New York Public Library has announced the release of more than 180,000 digitisations of public domain works, all available in high resolution downloads and totally free from usage restrictions. You can search through the awe-inspiring collection of items by genre, time period, colour… Discover everything from ancient illustrations to bizarre photographs in one huge database and reuse, reshape and remix them as you wish.


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