This article is written by: Kirstin Maguire It’s no secret that over the past decade, eCommerce has been an innovator in the consumer market. Offering convenient, personalised, mobile shopping opportunities, the reasons for its appeal are clear. Crucially, this also means that eCommerce players have had the upper hand in collecting customer data to build their […]


This article is written by: Kirstin Maguire Last month, Etsy launched their cutting-edge, bricks and mortar retail platform, Etsy Wholesale, in the U.S. After 2 years in beta, it aims to offer small businesses and established brands alike, an opportunity to move into the illustrious offline market. The current merge between online and offline retail is […]


This is a guest post by Sarah Hewett, Community Programmes at Etsy We Are Pop Up have recently joined forces with Etsy, an online marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. We are very excited to be collaborating with such an organisation which we believe will provide win-win opportunities for […]

McQueens Black Vanilla

Our latest Shop Share brought together gelato extraordinaire Black Vanilla with magnificent McQueens Florists in what can best be described as a blending of beauty. These two bespoke brands joined forces to create a very special Shop Share that left customers asking for more. The collaboration Black Vanilla created limited edition flower-infused gelato flavours, inspired […]


When you’re making a space your own, especially for a short period of time, music plays as a key a part in conveying your brand’s identity, values and personality as much as the physical space itself. If you’re looking for scientific evidence, among several other findings, this widely cited study from 2007 found that people who […]

2013-03-09 16.10.17

So, you’ve found the Shop Share brand match of your dreams, fitted and kitted out the space, and agreed a launch date with your Shop Share collaborator. But how do you get the most out of your pop up, and the partnership with the collaborator brand(s) to really stand out from the crowd? Do you […]


Our Shop Share initiative provides an opportunity for brands and retail spaces to join forces in a collaboration that is mutually beneficial.  This new form of pop up allows tenants to rent an area within a shop, as opposed to the entire space. In many ways this makes commercial sense, shops get new stock without paying […]


Whether you’re a shop owner looking to rent out part of your shop, or a tenant thinking of embarking on a Shop Share, there are a few top tips that will help you make the most out of the experience financially. After all, whilst Shop Shares can bring fantastic PR and marketing benefits for both […]

Pop Up Shop Collaboration

With Shop Share, brands can rent out an area of an existing shop, in order to connect with new customers and build their business. Whilst one clear benefit is gaining a new space, we believe a working collaboration can provide a lot more resources for you to take advantage of. A wealth of knowledge Owning and […]

Human to Human

For the past two years, the We Are Pop Up team has been watching the rise of the sharing economy and collaborative consumption. From inception, we intended WAPU to be a sharing economy platform – bringing the power of community connections into retail property. Hundreds of new retailers In 2013, our team studied retail property […]