Why we’ve launched the world’s first social marketplace for retailers and brands

At We Are Pop Up, we believe in freedom of expression through retail.

Until now, entrepreneurs have not been able to rent sections of retail spaces, even though that’s often all they need. In a recent post, we talked in more detail about this philosophy and how sharing is completely reshaping retail. WAPU was founded on a belief that the only way for the full spectrum of entrepreneurs to access retail is to democratise the process, create transparent pricing and direct communication between spaceowners and brands.

We’re pushing the forefront of a retail revolution that will see shared space become the dominant form of retail.

But retail space was just the beginning, and property transactions are one small piece of the creative retail journey. By connecting retail brands, We Are Pop Up creates a conversation ecosystem around real estate. Real estate is no longer just property; it’s a campfire around which entrepreneurs are redefining their neighborhoods. Today’s brands don’t just want square feet. They want the tools to build social capital, grow networks and create new business partnerships.

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That’s why we’ve just announced a new feature – direct messaging between brands. With this move, We Are Pop Up becomes the world’s first social network for retailers. Leading the movement toward creative retail, brands and space owners can now meet not only to do property deals, but also to collaborate, share resources, and develop new ideas and consumer offers.

First we connected tenants and landlords, now we connect brands with spaces, other brands, and service providers and other supplies.

With each new feature, we make the world of retail property more open to innovation and opportunity.  We started with the world’s first online retail agreement.  Then we added ShopShare to enable brands and spaces to collaborate in any retail shop – vacant or not.

We Are Pop Up brands
Brand profiles on We Are Pop Up

In 2014, ShopShare captured the imagination of retailers in 20 countries – from London to NYC and beyond.  Brands started connecting with brands, and so in 2015, we launched brand pages, which gives every retail brand a beautiful billboard showcasing their products and social network reach.

And now, with brand to brand communication, we break down another barrier and enable true collaboration between brands.

Brand to brand messaging means brands can discover and connect. They can pool budgets to book larger spaces, grow their networks, and ultimately do more business. Thousands of small brands have used We Are Pop Up to create new retail businesses, and now this enables them to collaborate and take those new retail brands to the next level.

An appetite for communication that is open and instant powers the creative retail economy. With this launch, we invite brands and retailers to collaborate in ways not previously possible.

Nicholas Russell, CEO of We Are Pop Up

Creative retailers are collaborative by nature. In daily conversations with our customers, they told us they wanted to connect with other brands to create and remix concepts.  We Are Pop Up’s mission has always been bringing down the barriers by stripping out middlemen and connecting people with people. This is the next step on that mission.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 01.42.03

The possibilities for brand-to-brand messaging are endless, ultimately our goal is to put tools in the hands of space owners and retailers that make doing business frictionless.

Possible uses for brand messaging include:

Get inspiration
Share Resources
Pop up together
Ask Advice

Ultimately, it’s your tool for your business. We can’t wait to see what you will create now. Why not head over to We Are Pop Up and connect with brands today.

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