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The benefits of sharing a shop

Welcome to the Shop Sharing Revolution

Glassworks Shop Share For RentWe’re firm believers in the power of collaboration and in making it quick and easy to access short-term retail space, so we’ve decided to bring these passions to life in the form of our brand new Shop Sharing scheme from wearepopup.com

So, what is Shop Share?

It’s an opportunity for you as a business to rent a rail, a table, a shelf or a concession in a pre-established business environment. Exactly as the name suggests… share your shop!

We are connecting small and independent retailers and businesses who don’t necessarily have a place to hang their hats yet with space that boast an already set-up retail environment. Therefore allowing for both parties to benefit – it’s a wonderfully symbiotic situation in which everyone’s a winner.

Landlords and shop owners get to have a fresh face in their space, and some additional rent, and the businesses they’re collaborating with get to take advantage of their established footfall, customer base and prime location. 

Pitfield London 

How do I use it?

You can search for shop shares here. Those already signed up for welcoming collaborators into their space include McQueens, tokyobike, Gugiuman & Morella and Glassworks to name a handful. And we are signing up more spaces daily.

Shop Share is a concept that we devised because you asked for it. We listened to your comments requesting more affordable spaces that were easier to pop up in, and we developed this new offer to meet those needs. Necessity is the mother of invention after all.

So, whether you’re a brand, business or space… It’s time to get ready to share the love and join the Shop Sharing Revolution.


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