July’s new feature releases on wearepopup.com


Welcome to We Are Pop Up’s latest feature release.

Over the past two years, we’ve spent a lot of time building the best way for brands to book pop up space. We are always striving to enable faster, more streamlined transactions, and with this in mind we’ve made a few changes to the way you discover and book spaces on We Are Pop Up.


To begin applying for a space you’ll first need to create a profile for your brand and project – an opportunity to showcase your pop up idea, brand and products or service to potential landlords. Previously you would then send a message to the landlord to ask about booking. Now you’ll start by simply enquiring about the dates you require. We found that often without first establishing a timeframe, it was hard for either party to keep track of communication or to prioritise which enquiries need to be addressed most urgently. By selecting dates from the beginning, we’re also able to provide you with an estimated charge for booking the space. And if the dates you select are not available, you’ll get a prompt response letting you know of other availability.

Clear Pricing

We’ve simplified the way spaces are priced on We Are Pop Up. Now all spaces will show only a per-day-rate. By using the new enquiry calendar, you’ll be able to quickly see the price for the duration you’d like to book. The cost is shown simply as a single charge now, rather than listed as a series of line items. The landlord will indicate exactly what this charge does and does not include, and with the We Are Pop Up Rental Agreement you get when you complete and pay for your booking, you’ll know that there will not be any “surprise” charges. Spaces can now list discounts for bookings over a week or over a month, and can specify minimum booking durations, all of which is easily visible.

Getting to “yes”

When you’ve made your enquiry, the landlord will review your brand, project profile and required dates. If satisfied they’d like to proceed, you’ll get a quick response telling you the booking can now commence. If this is your first booking on We Are Pop Up, we’ll need to place a hold on your credit or debit card for 10% of the rental charge before proceeding. Landlords always ask us about having a commitment to pay from any prospective tenant. By placing this hold, we can assure them the tenant is ready to book this shop as intended, which means the booking process should move much faster. This hold only lasts for 7 days before it is cancelled, and that means the booking process now has 7 days to be completed by both parties or it expires. This hold does not necessarily mean that you will be guaranteed the space, however it will be returned immediately if your booking does not complete for any reason.

From here, communications on We Are Pop Up function as before. Landlords and tenants can interact directly with questions or concerns about making the booking, and quickly get responses. It’s also a useful record of all that is said or promised about the booking, so make sure anything important is recorded here. When both parties are satisfied and ready to book, the landlord makes the offer with a finalised price. All that’s left is for you to accept and pay, and the shop will be booked.

On top of all this we’ve refreshed much of the design around the site and have added support for pricing spaces in Euros. Now you can book a shop in Paris as simply as you can one in Shoreditch. And of course, our outstanding Summer Sale means that all your bookings are up to 10% off!

We hope you’re as excited about the new process as we are, and look forward to seeing your ideas come to life in your next pop up booked on We Are Pop Up!

For the full list of features, see here.

– Team WAPU