We Are Pop Up chats with Of Mercer, ModaBox, Snowe Home and IMBY at Social Retail Summit

In January, we moderated the Social Retail Summit in New York. A quick recap of what we learned from #bosses Of Mercer Founder Emelyn Northway, ModaBox Founder Monica Phromsavanh, SNOWE Founder Rachel Cohen and IMBY Founder Sara Weinreb.
of-mercer-we-are-pop-upOf Mercer
Of Mercer started as an e-commerce destination for women where you can show off at work and at play. Within two years, the Wharton grads decided to open a brick and mortar in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. And, instead of filling the entire space with nothing but products, Of Mercer saved space for communal work desks, a place to drink wine, coffee and host events. The result is a blossoming community with high-profile guests and WOM out the wazoo. Check out Of Mercer.


What do you do when you’ve built a multimillion-dollar business? Shut down the store, of course! That’s what Monica Phromsavanh did with her 4,000 square-foot store ModaListas in 2014. Phromsavanh saw a brighter future in personal styling and a small footprint, so she launched the 400 sq-ft ModaBox at South Street Seaport. Not just a shop, ModaBox is the flagship for a personal styling network that connects buyers with professional fashionistas. Outfits are shipped directly to your home, and if you need to, you can head to the shop. Go see ModaBox.


SNOWE Founder Rachel Cohen is incredibly selective in where, and when, she pops up. SNOWE’s collaborations with Cuyana and Pop Up Flea keep the e-commerce brand’s image as pure as the driven …. . Cohen’s in no rush to take the beloved curator of home goods and decor offline. She’s perfecting her merchandising and shipping strategy, but we can’t wait until we see her curation IRL. Go snowhome.


We first met Sara Weinreb when IMBY popped up at the Refinery Hotel through We Are Pop Up earlier this year. IMBY’s cut from a different cloth, curating capsule collections of Made-in-America designers. Except instead of the lumberjack vibe, IMBY’s brands toe the line between athleisure and cocktail fashion. Check out the IMBY collection and visit them on We Are Pop Up.


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