Azteco Opens Europe’s First Bitcoin Pop Up Shop

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years. For those of you that are mountain-dwellers, Bitcoin is a¬†digital peer-to-peer crypto-currency created by the pseudonymous “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2009. While the details of how it works can get quite complex, among other things Bitcoin represents an anonymous way to send money, anywhere in the world, with little or no fees. It was with this simple but revolutionary concept in mind that Akin Fernandez created Azteco, a shop where anyone can exchange currency for Bitcoin, and then send that anywhere in the world.

Mr. Fernandez has had an interest in cryptography and the potential for digital currencies since the 1990s, and once he learned about Bitcoin, the future was immediately clear. He’s opened his first Azteco shop in Shoreditch as a demonstrator, customer development centre, and gathering place to find like-minded people to join him. With just a laptop, basic printer, and a table, he is able to operate as an exchange point for anyone to come in and purchase Bitcoin vouchers, which can then be redeemed on for Bitcoin sent directly to any wallet around the world, where the recipient can then exchange back to their local currency. The shop will allow him to interface directly with customers, and in real time incorporate their feedback into his project, with intentions of opening many more shops all over the world, from Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa.

When looking for space to open his first shop, Mr. Fernandez started by trying dozens of traditional commercial agents, but found the whole process “unbelievable, and really quite shocking”, after his numerous phone calls were unreturned, and those who did reply presented him with nothing close to his requirements. He then discovered We Are Pop Up, and quickly found an excellent looking space, 19 Petticoat. We Are Pop Up’s messaging platform allowed him to quickly and easily communicate with the landlord, and in a matter of days he had negotiated a deal, paid for the shop, and received a fully executed license.

Azteco will be open at 19 Goulston St, London, E1 7TP, until February 26. If you want to know more about Bitcoin and how you can take advantage of it as a new way to pay and send money, or just to learn more about the future of global commerce, pay him a visit soon!

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