Pop Up Shop Collaboration

How to work collaboratively

With ShopShare brands can rent out an area of an existing shop, in order to connect with new customers and build their business. Whilst one clear benefit is gaining a new space, we believe a working collaboration can provide a lot more resources for you to take advantage of.

A wealth of knowledge

Owning and maintaining a successful business is no easy feat. It takes more than a good idea to keep a shop afloat. That’s why when brands and retailers choose to collaborate they’re getting more than a space – they’re are also accessing the experience of the store owner who can provide vital information to help make the most of a Shop Share experience. When building a collaborative relationship we strongly suggest taking the time to learn from the retailer who can give insight into a variety of different aspects of their business, the local area and customer activity.

Loyal customers

Years of owning a shop also means a strong customer following.  Working with an established store means you can instantly access their long term relationships and repeat customers. Finding out about their customer behaviour and spending habits will help you to position your product in a way that allows for maximum returns.

Sharing resources

ShopShare offers more than an area of a shop, it’s a collaborative relationship that can also provide other resources. Depending on your ShopShare arrangement it may be worthwhile discussing accessing each others’ social media networks, to amplify your marketing message. Why not take advantage of each others’ Facebook, Twitter, Website and Newsletters? For the shop it’s a chance for them to share something new with their customers whilst significantly increasing your brand awareness.

Shop Share Success

We want your Shop Share experience to be as beneficial as possible. Your success is our success and we are confident that the collaborative opportunities that exist in ShopSharing can significantly boost your business.

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