Top 10 do’s & don’ts for photographing your space

Space listings with the best visuals get the most interest and, more importantly, the most bookings. Take a look below at our top 10 do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking photographs for your all-important space page.


DO show the exterior shopfront from the other side of the street. It’s important for potential pop-ups to see what the location looks like.


DON’T upload pictures that are out of focus. It detracts from how great your space is.


DON’T upload low-res images. You don’t want to put all that effort into taking great pictures for them to appear blurry on your profile.


DON’T leave clutter lying around. Make sure your space is clean and tidy.


DO use images of the space in action as well as when it’s empty. Show the potential of the space in terms of size, layout and its general feel.


DON’T add any photos that are too dark. Dark photographs dampen the energy of the listing — make sure you use the right lighting.


DO take photos of the facilities. For example, foodie pop-ups will want to see where they’ll be cooking.


DON’T only upload one photo. Give as much visual information as possible.


DO add a floor-plan of the location. This provides the perfect visual aid – especially when it includes measurements.


DO include images of your best bits. If the location has a unique selling point, remember to feature it.


Now you know how to best present your space, start creating your profile here.

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