Top 10 inspiring pop-up shop design boards

In need of some visual inspiration for your next pop-up project? We Are Pop Up often heads to Pinterest to take a look at some of the amazing ideas that are out there. With these top 10 design boards, get your creative juices flowing and discover inspirational window displays, in-store designs and visual merchandising ideas.

Combined with the expert advice from Daniel Peters of BBS Clothing on how to create the ultimate in-store experience for your customers, you will be well on your way to blowing their minds.


Tomoko Ikeda’s – “Fixtures”

Follow Tomoko Ikeda’s board Fixture, Pop Up Shop on Pinterest.

Dawn Gonzales’ – “Visual Merchandising Inspiration”

Follow Dawn Gonzales’ board Visual Merchandising Inspiration on Pinterest.

Norma Morales Perez’s – “The Pop Up Life”

Follow Norma Morales Perez’s board The Pop Up Life on Pinterest.

Sara Orte’s “Pop Up Stores”

Follow Sara Orte’s board Pop Up Stores on Pinterest.

Alice Henderson’s “Shop Interiors”

Follow Alice Henderson’s board Shop Interiors on Pinterest.

Alston Wise’s “Pop Up Shop Design”

Follow Alston Wise’s board pop up shop on Pinterest.

Marisa Pinana’s “Retail”

Follow Marisa Piñana Rovira’s board Retail on Pinterest.

If Creative’s – “Retail Experiences”

Follow if creative’s board retail experiences on Pinterest.

Anna Wallis’s “Pop up stores”

Follow Anna Wallis’s board Pop up stores on Pinterest.

Anna de Leon’s “Booth Setup”

Follow Valerie Anne de Leon’s board Booth setup on Pinterest.

Where do you look for great interior and shop design inspiration?

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