Europe’s biggest vintage store invites new brands to pop up

Time Out London’s best vintage shop.
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Blitz London, on East London’s Hanbury Street just off Brick Lane, could not be further from the stereotype of a stuffy dealer selling dusty old second-hand clothes. Described by the New York Times “like a contemporary art exhibition”, the breathtaking 6,000 sq ft 19th century brick warehouse boasts 20,000 unique, genuinely hand-selected pieces with fresh deliveries every week, decadent chandeliers and five rooms over two floors. Ranging across mens and womenswear, clothes, shoes and accessories from the 60s to the 00s, Blitz is the savvy vintage-shopper’s retail dream.

The team behind this retro mecca decided to list not one, but three spaces in their store on We Are Pop Up as three separate ShopShare opportunities. Dedicated to providing a unique retail experience for their adventurous customers, Blitz is now looking for exciting new brands and designers to complement their tried and tested retail offer. With the options of renting a rail, concession or the coffee bar now available, We Are Pop Up spoke to Blitz about what they’re looking for in a brand collaboration.

What makes Blitz great for brands wanting to pop up?

Time Out voted us the ninth best store in London – out of anyone they can be assured to be aligned with a strong brand. Blitz generates large amounts of highly targeted footfall, so we recommend that brands research our customer profile to match with their own target customer.

Why have you chosen to host other brands in-store?

We feel that it is a great way to make our store more interesting and to have more people talking about the business.

What are you looking for in a brand that wants to collaborate?

We want them to be really excited to partner with us and it’s important to consider that Blitz, as an experience store, is always looking to present new, creative ideas.

Describe Blitz in three words.

Contemporary. Fresh. Democratic.

What can we expect from the collaborations?

Blitz is really excited at the potential to work together with London’s creative community. We feel that our brand loyalty, the feeling of goodwill from customers and excitement new people get when they walk into our store can help to infuse your brand with energy and give new labels a great opportunity.

For established brands who are looking to connect and reinforce their message with a targeted yet diverse customer, Blitz will be a perfect location. We occupy an incredible space, a 150 year old Brick warehouse off Brick Lane; we are mainstream but with an edge.

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Start your own dream collaboration with the spaces available in Blitz, or find your own ShopShare opportunities here.


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