Referring a space – how does it work?

Take ShopShare around the UK and around the world

We Are Pop Up’s Referrals connect brands, spaces, and customers. Customers get £25 for every new shop they help create.

This is an online referral programme that pays a £25 commission. It also turns every person in the world into a property agent and allows you to have a hand in shaping communities and cities.

When you share, two things happen: you create new opportunities, and you get paid.

Why Share?:

ShopShare helps independent retail thrive by thinking differently about shops. ShopShare makes it easy for new brands to get into retail. It also keeps today’s High Street shops healthy.

Good for Brands: Great ideas launch daily on the High Street. What was previously difficult and expensive is now affordable and easy.

Good for shops: Real estate is expensive. Rent, business rates, utilities, etc can quickly add up. ShopShare gives local shops new income and helps them compete with big chains and franchises.

It’s good for the rest of us because it’s good, old-fashioned fun. High Streets going back to market town heritages. Coffee bars in a hair salon. A gelato stand in a florist. A porridge bar in an art gallery. Art in a shoe shop.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, perhaps this will – We Are Pop Up is the only property marketplace that directly connects brands and spaces. We put control of shops and the High Street back into the hands of people like you. What High Street do you want to see?

If you care about your town, your city, and know there’s a better way than streets that all look the same – share your code.

How It Works:
You’re signed up and have a unique referral code to share. Track your shares on your dashboard at

From your dashboard you can tweet, post to facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. You can email your code to your entire address book. You can cut and paste your code and share it in any way you wish – so do it!

When a new space signs up and books a brand, you get paid £25.
When a new brand signs up and books a space, you get paid £25.

You don’t have to be a space or a brand to share. Just keep sharing your unique code across all your networks. When someone signs up using your code – we will email you and it will appear on your dashboard.

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