Pop Ups are not just for Newcomers…ask Cadburys

For 2 days only Covent Garden became a bit more colourful – a hint of purple was spotted in Endell Street. For 48 hours only, Cadbury’s Joy Boutique opened to the public and exhibited an exquisite and very delicious selection of footwear – crafted from Cadbury’s chocolate.

Cadbury shoe

A purple window frame grabs the attention of the public, and Cadbury hostesses encourage passing people to come inside for a visit to the Cadbury Joy Boutique. Inside they find themselves in a store dressed in purple and gold, recreating the Cadbury colors in the store design, and an enchanting chocolate smell welcomes them. Beautiful designed chocolate shoes fill the wall and give customers enough reason to stay a while and admire the delightful artworks. Renowned food artist Prudence Staite has spent an incredible 860 hours hand-sculpting the chocolate footwear for the pop-up boutique.

Shoe store front Cadbury
While customers are in the shop, they are offered to take one of Cadbury’s chocolate bars – the lucky bar could win them something that gives them joy- in chocolate form. This gets people excited about the chance to win, but also allows potential customers to sample the product which can lead to increased sales.

Cadbury went one step further and created an additional chance for visitors to win. Tweeting a picture of the shoes or the shop with the hashtag #FreeTheJoy could win them a pair of shoes – and simultaneously gained Cadbury’s user-generated-content on Twitter and enhanced the marketing reach.

Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass

To ensure the maximum PR coverage about the shop, Cadbury shows to use a celebrity to open the shop and gain attention, especially crucial as the shop was just open for 48 hours. TV presenter Myleene Klass launched the Pop Up Boutique and just a few hours later the newspapers were filled with pictures of her in the shop.

Speaking at the event, Myleene said: “Show me one girl out there that doesn’t love chocolate or shoes so the combination of the two is little over a dream come true! That’s what makes the aptly named Cadbury Joy Boutique a winning combo.”


The outcomes of the pop up boutique were more than satisfying for Cadburys. Thanks to the prime and easy accessible location in Covent Garden, customers could react quickly to the media and pop by the shop. The idea of combining chocolate and shoes drew not just women into the shop, but the novelty and maybe even the promise of a free chocolate bar saw even high attendance by men. Finally engaging the customers in the #FreeTheJoy social media campaign maximized the reach for the campaign and ensured maximum interest in Cadbury’s Joy Boutique.

Thanks to the We Are Pop Up the organisation beforehand was made easy – the shop front in Covent Garden turned out to be the perfect location for the Joy Boutique helping Cadbury to achieve its objectives. This is an excellent example of using a Pop Up Space to draw attention to your brand, generate online buzz and increase the brand awareness.