New Year, New Idea

2015 is finally upon us and with the forecast looking bright for retail in the new year, thanks to low interest rates and real wage growth, there’s no time like the present for bringing your idea to life on the high street.

Indeed, January is the month for new beginnings and a time to put your dreams into action. We’ve seen the number of people bringing their ideas to life through pop ups rocket over the past year, with more than double the number of pop ups launching this January compared to last year. So if you’ve been considering starting up in business by launching a pop up, you’re in great company.

1 in 10 of us have ‘start my own business’ on their New Year’s Resolutions list.

The UK’s leading angel network and equity crowdfunding platform, Angels Den, has undertaken a piece of research looking into Britons’ New Year resolutions, and in particular their career goals and aspirations for 2015 and beyond. Participants were initially asked to reveal what they have decided to focus on as their New Year’s resolution(s) for next year, with over 10% of the 1700 respondents resolving to start their own business.

Bill Morrow, co-founder of Angels Den which carried out the research, said “I think it’s absolutely fantastic that as many as one in ten of the people we polled during this research are planning on starting their own companies during 2015. What better time to begin that exciting journey than at the start of a fresh new year.”

The most common industries that Britons are looking to break into with their start-up ideas are food and drink, fashion and I.T. So not only is January the best time of year – but this year in particular is very timely if you’re thinking of using pop-up as a route to growth.

Find your niche and bring the feel good factor

A key theme for fashion retail in 2015 will be going niche, so why not keep it simple by focusing on your best-selling product or favourite item in your new range? As far as experience-based pop ups go, it’s all about a feel-good factor on the high street to according to Retail Week

So the time’s right, but where to pop up?

Growth in consumer confidence and retail sales is being reported by Ipsos Retail’s handy Retail Weather Map in many places across the UK. For everything else – that’s where we come in and take you from listing a project idea all the way through to renting your perfect space.

And with 50% off our booking fee on all bookings made in January, regardless of start date, there’s no time like the present to test out your idea on the high street. Whatever your pop up concept, we’re here to help you every step of the way, so click here to see our latest spaces and resolve to bring your pop up idea to life.