The face behind the space: Kaylie Hill x The Permanent Pop Up

Based on her own experience as a creator of bespoke footwear and that of fellow fashion creatives, Kaylie Hill discovered that there was a need for affordable exposure in prime locations for emerging designers. Fuelled by a passion for supporting undiscovered talent, Kaylie decided to create The Permanent Pop Up, located in Smith’s Court in Soho, to support new labels and help them grow.

Since it opened at the beginning of July, The Permanent Pop Up has hosted over 35 brands through We Are Pop Up’s ShopShare. From upcycled bags and vintage dresses to couture shoes and handcrafted jewellery, each new label has come together under one roof to benefit from the creative community housed by this new breed of concept store.

We Are Pop Up spoke to Kaylie about the shop and what it takes to create your very own multi-brand fashion destination with the help of ShopShare, a Soho space, and just a pinch of hard work.

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BBco backpacks, an accessories label based between London and Bombay.

Why did you decide to create a shop that would showcase multiple brands, rather than focus on a single label?

There comes a point where you’re ready to hit the market with your product, but many emerging designers have no idea where or how to do it. I created The Permanent Pop Up to be a consistent place where these creatives can easily come to for exposure, as well as having the opportunity to retail their products.

A multi-brand store has many benefits – one being that each label in the shop actively promotes the other labels whenever it promotes the shop. It’s provides a community of talent which is always stronger than one on its own.

How would you describe The Permanent Pop Up in three words?

Eclectic. Innovative. Necessary.

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4649 Worldwide, an independent streetwear brand from London.

How do you decide which brands to feature in the store?

We’re looking for brands that ooze quality. That’s our main criteria. Due to the location of the shop we’re fortunate to be able to house a diverse range of styles, and we mainly select designers who present themselves with the passion to grow their label.

How did you approach the design of a store that showcases so many different brands? 

The idea was to create a blank canvas on which all the different brands could stand out. This meant keeping a very neutral colour scheme in the shop with only a few statement pieces like our boutique checkered floor and our bright orange till desk. This made it easy to then place brands within the store and create an enjoyable experience for shoppers.

Have there been any challenges along the way? How did you handle them?

I would have to say choosing the location of the shop. We knew it was imperative to have somewhere that could host a wide range of designers to suit our concept, and this meant finding a location that could comfortably offer a wide range of prices and styles.

We also wanted to provide a location that was known internationally for designers to put as a stockist on their own website to give them instant credibility. Soho, being as diversified as ever, offered exactly that.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 13.06.01
Lydie Lendé, a boutique crop top brand from Paris.

What do you wish you had known before you created The Permanent Pop Up?

I wish I’d known the true amount of time and different areas of expertise it takes to really set something like this up. It doesn’t happen overnight, even though it may appear so to those looking in from the outside. It’s a constant journey that never sleeps (even when you want to!) and my advice would be to plan thoroughly and listen to advice from those who have done similar things.

How did you come across We Are Pop Up?

I found We Are Pop Up when I was browsing for space a while back. I thought it was a fantastic platform that brings designers to shops, and shops to designers. It has enabled me to build my exposure as a new shop and put me in contact with so many designers. The ShopShare concept is proving to be very popular and beneficial for both shop owners and designers, and I can see much more of this in the future of retail.

Are you a new designer looking to showcase your products in a central London destination for fashion? Find The Permanent Pop Up listing on wearepopup.com and start chatting to Kaylie now. 

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