Why us? How We Are Pop Up compares

We Are Pop Up is the world’s largest destination for short term retail. We connect brands and spaces directly, with no agents in the middle, and no paperwork. The only peer-to-peer marketplace of retail space, our fast, flexible and open platform helps you find and book your perfect space in minutes, rather than weeks.

Our fast, flexible and open system is not only better for brands, spaces, and consumers but is also helping to maintain sustainable independent shops: Retailers can transform their shop and make big returns from small spaces with our ShopShare offer. We enable brands, spaces and customers to collaborate, pool resources and co-create the high street of the future.

Since 2013, customers have launched over 1,000 pop-up shops across London, the UK and Europe. The spaces on We Are Pop Up range in price from £2 a day for a shared shop, to £150 a day for a full shop, to over £1,000 a day for large unique venues.

Our mission is to help independent retail thrive by thinking differently about the possibilities of space.

How we compare: 

We Are Pop Up Online Competitors Traditional Agent
TOTAL FEES 10% 15%-20% 12-20%
UPFRONT COSTS Free to list Free to list Fixed agency fees whether successful or not
PRICING Itemised and fully transparent Hidden inclusive fee Hidden costs
SERVICE An open marketplace where landlords and tenants connect directly Agents acting as middlemen Agents acting as middlemen
LEGALS Fully automated licence that executes in minutes Digital Lease that executes in 2 weeks Manual lease that can take weeks or months to execute
OPENING HOURS 24 hours a day,   7 days a week Regular office open hours Regular office open hours
WHEN CAN I BOOK? Whenever you’re ready. Bookings even completed on Christmas Day and New Years Eve! Regular office open hours Regular office open hours
LANDLORD EXCLUSIVITY CLAUSES We do not enforce exclusivity clauses. We want to make the city more open. Landlord exclusivity clauses as standard Landlord exclusivity clauses as standard
PROTECTION Escrow account holds your money safely until you have the keys to your pop up No protection No protection


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