Ask the experts – how do I promote my event?

Peter Brünings-Hansen, Managing Director and Partner of Billetto – an events discovery platform, uses his passion for creative sector startups and interactive design to make buying tickets when you go out as easy as possible. A Scandi Tech Entrepreneur with a VC background, it’s clear that Peter has a strong vision for the company which hosts 35,000 events a year from over 15,000 organisers. We Are Pop Up spoke to him for some words of wisdom about event promotion.

Peter Brünings-Hansen

Start Early

The single biggest mistake that event organisers make is that they begin their promotion too close to the event date. Festivals typically start their early bird promotion up to 9-12 months in advance. For smaller events like food pop-ups or comedy nights, ideally a minimum of 3 weeks is needed.

Think Influencers

In our experience bloggers & local media are often superior to established mainstream media when it comes to directing relevant traffic to your event page. Cultivating ties with these influencers on social media and even in person is both a powerful and cheap/free solution to your promotion.

Reward Early Action

It can be frustrating that the bulk of tickets sell in the last week leading up to your event. You can save yourself a lot of stress and last minute panic by optimising your ticket sales across the promotion schedule. Early Birds, Competitions, Value-adds and other social engagements are great tactics for catching a customer’s eye early on.

Create Content and Tell Stories

When it comes to events, content is king and to stand out in London without a huge mailing list or a Lorde show, you really need to be creative to reach the right audiences. We’ve found that creative and engaging storytelling across social channels is key to succeed. We use everything from artwork, competitions, videos, interviews, and infographics to generate buzz in the right circles and often we ask external influencers to contribute as well.

Use Billetto

We work with over 15,000 event organisers of all kinds and sizes across Northern Europe and we know that promotion is the number 1 challenge. That is why we are continuously improving our platform to help you reach and engage relevant audiences by integrating all the tactics above into the ideal event management service.

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