A safer way to rent space

A safer way to rent space with We Are Pop Up

The current state of commercial property is not always pleasant, particularly for businesses looking for short-term rentals. Complex (and sometimes uncomfortable) interactions have come to define relationships between landlords, agents, and tenants. Consequently, adversarial interactions often underpin property rental transactions.

In 2013, We Are Pop Up connected over 150 businesses to transact space and launch incredible projects across the UK. We listened, and learned a lot – putting stories from our community and customers at the core of our development.

We heard about the value of knowledge and promotion, and how the We Are Pop Up community provides guidance and mutual support.  We also heard from spaces that suffered non-payment, brands burdened by opaque rental agreements, and people confused by vague, changing lists of requirements.

With that in mind, we developed an online marketplace – a new way to rent commercial property.  Our rental process not only lets you rent space safely, but also creates collaborative tenant-landlord relationships.

When we started work on the rental process, we needed the right legal partner to create a strong standard agreement – one that benefitted and protected tenants and landlords equally. Hogan Lovells developed a set of terms and agreements that work together as you move towards renting a space. Now, each brand and landlord on We Are Pop Up uses the same property law firm as Google.

How our process benefits you:


We Are Pop Up requires tenants and landlords to make accurate and truthful representations of their businesses and properties.  That includes every action on We Are Pop Up, from profiles and messages to dates and prices.

Open discussion and transparency requires honesty. We take this commitment seriously, and remove members who do not respect community standards.

Transparent Pricing – Upfront Payment

Unexpected charges after a rental agreement puts both parties in an awkward position. We designed our agreement so that landlords declare all charges up front, before you make an agreement and send payment.
(This does not yet apply to business rates as councils collect rates directly)

Trust, Reputation and Trading Histories 

Often, no prior connection exists between the parties involved in a rental transaction. Our community includes many small businesses or independent operators that cannot yet demonstrate the same trading histories as large brands. By transacting on We Are Pop Up, you automatically build a track-record for your business, easily referenced for future transactions.


Parties negotiate directly through We Are Pop Up.  You do not deal with an agent or with us as an intermediary. You start conversations directly with the person managing a space. This gives you the freedom to ask questions and cover off all the details through a very fast communication channel.  You conduct negotiations through email, and We Are Pop Up maintains a record of all interactions (just in case).

Our goal is to put people in control of their own destinies, and make renting commercial property safe and easy.  Now landlords and tenants connect in an entirely new way to bring new experiences and products to their communities and consumers.

Please let us know your stories and thoughts at feedback@wearepopup.com.