How to match brands

Our ShopShare initiative provides an opportunity for brands and retail spaces to join forces in a collaboration that is mutually beneficial.  This new form of pop up allows tenants to rent an area within a shop, as opposed to the entire space.

In many ways this makes commercial sense, shops get new stock without paying for it, whilst brands get exposure and new customers without the big expense. Overall everyone wins. Whilst a ShopShare arrangement can provide excellent opportunities for both parties, it’s very important that there is a good synergy to make the most of the relationship. It’s not as simple as finding a space, it is also about making sure it’s the right fit – that the space and product attract the right customers.

One of the main benefits of a ShopShare is accessing the footfall of potential customers in the area. When looking at the outside of the building ask yourself if you would want to step inside to look around? Does it have the look and feel that best represents your brand? Appearances count and a shop exterior is the first introduction customers get to your product so make sure it suits your vision.

Having the right fit is important to a ShopShare success. Chris Shelley Manager of Lanna, a Jewellery shop in Notting Hill recently collaborated with Dar Leone a globally inspired range of homeware and lifestyle products.

“When Dar Leone approached me I knew her jewellery designs would fit right in…I think it’s important to get that mix right, otherwise it’ll make the shop look a bit odd and won’t be a good selling experience for the pop up.”

The overall result was a positive one with both partners open to a ShopShare experience in the future.

Thinking outside the box can also make for interesting and eye catching matches. Recently McQueens Florists and Black Vanilla gelato joined forces to create a unique ShopShare. They collaborated to make floral-inspired gelato flavours – English Rose Petals, Mint and Lime and Madagascan Vanilla. The romanticism and beauty of both products made it an excellent match, and its originality captured the imagination of local media helping both business gain significant attention from the press.

Like all collaborations, finding the right partnership is essential to ensuring the success of a ShopShare. See more top tips from Pip Black, founder of FRAME Studios in our previous blog post here.

It’s important to take your time to discover the right location and product that suits your overall needs. We Are Pop Up offers an enormous range of ShopShare opportunities available to help turn your vision into a reality.

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